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Tools For Survivors & Caregivers

Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors is the leading nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering people affected by a burn injury.

About Phoenix Society for burn survivors

For more than four decades, thousands of burn survivors and caregivers like you have found comfort, support, and guidance—community—in the same place: Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors. We’re a global network of survivors, a family committed to finding the resources, information, and support you need not simply to survive, but to thrive.

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Get Support

Connect with community - wherever you are, whenever you need support.

Recovery after a burn injury is physical—emotional—social. You don't have to travel that journey alone. Choose from a variety of connection opportunities to find hope, healing, and fellowship on your terms.

Programs & Services

Contact Us

Have questions or need support? Click here to contact us!

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Virtual Support Group

Sign up for a group support visit and connect with other burn survivors and their loved ones.

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Facebook Group

Join our Facebook group, connect with other survivors and caregivers, and attend our weekly support chat.

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Peer Support

Phoenix SOAR (Survivors Offering Assistance in Recovery) pairs burn survivors and their families with trained peer supporters further down the road to recovery.

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On-Demand Resources

Find Resources and Tools that support you at every step of your journey

Phoenix Society believes survivors having access to the necessary tools, knowledge, and community is what makes the difference in a successful journey. 

Resources Available 24/7

Online Blog

Explore our online collection of over 350 articles and stories to help burn survivors navigate their journeys.

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Resource Marketplace

Explore our online collection of learning tools, guides, a partner directory, templates, tools, and more.

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Girls with Grafts

Listen to our podcast to hear in-depth survivor stories, gain resources for managing a burn injury, and learn more on burn prevention and advocacy information.

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Resource Directory

View our list of national and local resources that support the burn community.

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Burn Survivor

Stay Connected

Connect with Phoenix Society to stay updated with the burn community and find ways to get involved. 

Stay Updated & Connected

Journey Magazine

Receive our FREE community magazine packed with survivor stories, resource articles, and updates about the organization.

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Our calendar is for any public event open to members of the burn community. Submit an event or view offerings happening around the world and virtually.

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