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Learning Course: Supporting Burn Survivors—How You Can Help

Use this course to learn helpful information about your loved one's burn injury, and how you can help support them during this time.

As the caregiver or loved one of a burn survivor, you're likely faced with lots of new information, feeling overwhelmed at the best way to support a newly injured survivor. 

In this complete course, we'll help guide you into your new role and provide tips for navigating and supporting yourself and your loved one.

Inside this course, you will review the following topics:

  • Balancing Your Own Emotions
  • How to Offer Support
  • Impact of a Burn Injury
  • Challenges + Coping Strategies
  • Social Skills
  • Art of Conversation

Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors, a leading nonprofit supporting survivors, is here to help. Access this course today to get started.

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