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VIDEO: Impact of Trauma on Relationships

In this session we will look at how a traumatic burn injury affects our relationships. We will also explore how our relationship with self is impacted and how early burn trauma can influence how we develop relationships later in life. 


This is a session recording from Phoenix: Engage 2022. 


Meet The SpeakerS

James Bosch LMFT is a licensed psychotherapist in the state of California, a childhood burn survivor, and part of the Wellness team at the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors. James was introduced to the burn community in 1994 as a counselor for Champ Camp and later went on to fill many program related roles at the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation. James has been a program chair for the American Burn Association, is one of the ordinal NAC team members, creating the PSOAR program and is involved in many Burn Foundation and Burn Center after care and psychosocial program facilitation and development. His mission is to help survivors break free from the frozen parts of their trauma stories, build community and meaningful lives after traumatic injury.

Cindy Rutter has been an advocate for Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors and involved in the burn community for more than 41 years. She recently completed her master’s degree to become a marriage and family therapist. Cindy has been a burn survivor for 63 years and is the former nurse manager of the burn unit in San Diego.

Tyler & Amber Wilcox: Amber Wilcox is a burn survivor, 500-hour yoga instructor, and marketing professional. After an accident in her kitchen in 2020, Amber faced burns on 20% of her body from a hot caramel spill on her hands and both lower extremities. After two skin graft surgeries from Orlando Regional Burn Center, Amber experienced hypertrophic scarring and underwent 7 laser burn surgeries from Tampa General Hospital. Amber made the decision to put a pause on her laser surgeries after falling ill with sepsis shortly after her last laser surgery in 2022. She is currently a Marketing Strategist for SmartBug Media and enjoys helping a wide range of industry clients with their marketing needs. When not marketing, Amber enjoys volunteering for the Phoenix Society as a Peer Supporter, teaching yoga for Kula for Karma, supporting youth in Florida detention centers, or providing free yoga for peers on her website, Amber met Tyler in 2013—bonding over their loves of the ocean, Disney, and travel. Amber and Tyler married in 2017 and settled in their home in Ormond Beach, Florida, where they both work from home, living with their two dachshunds, Nala and Dude. Tyler is currently a Sr. Data Migration Specialist and has worked in Information Technology for the healthcare industry for over ten years. When not working, the Wilcoxes enjoy spending time together traveling, relaxing by the ocean, or attending concerts. Tyler and Amber are excited to share their experience overcoming a traumatic burn injury as a couple, and how overcoming obstacles has strengthened their relationship as a couple. Their secret to a successful marriage? Communication and Honesty.
Tina Martinez has been a burn survivor for 40 years and met her amazing husband 17 years ago. They are best friends who love to spend all their time together, whether they're going to concerts, cruising the beach, cuddling on the couch watching movies with their fur babies, or just having conversations over yummy food and cold drinks.
Lenora Mathes is a 39-year-old burn survivor, sustaining full-thickness thermal burns over 80% of her body at 1.5 years old in 1984 in a house fire with her mother. Both she and her mother live in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Lenora is a board-certified neurologist and sleeps, medicine physician. She is currently single, and she lives with her Great Dane. She remains active in the burn community, continues to be a pioneer in the medical field, and continues to work on personal self-growth as a burn survivor.

Jaki Farmer & Heaven Robinson are a mother and daughter who survived a traumatic burn injury caused by a fatal drunk driving accident in November of 2011. While mourning the loss of her friend and grieving the end of friendships involved, Heaven used her 2nd chance at life to finish her studies and graduate from Rowan University in Glassboro, New Jersey, in 2015, she went on to gain employment in the Healthcare field, move across the country, and become a mom. Jaki continues to work in the Human Services field by assisting those in need, became a singer/performer in one of the hottest Reggae bands in Southern New Jersey, and, thanks to Heaven, became a Grandmom to the most amazing little boy, AND in 2021, feeling ready to share their stories of survival and life, in association with Temple University Hospital's Burn Center in Philadelphia, Pa they stepped out on faith; ready and willing and became SOAR Peer Supporters through the Phoenix Society! And so, the journey continues...