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VIDEO: Finding an Audience for Your Story

You already know you have a powerful story to share—now you just need an audience. In this panel discussion with successful storytellers of all mediums, learn how to find the heart of your story, identify your ideal audience, and choose a format that plays to your strengths. Whether you hope to publish a memoir or launch a YouTube channel, you’ll learn the many paths to success and what to expect on your storytelling journey.


This is a session recording from Phoenix: Engage 2022. 


Meet The SpeakerS

Grace Athena Flott is a painter, arts educator, and burn survivor advocate. She is a member of the Jasmine Jahanshahi Fire Safety Foundation, a Phoenix SOAR volunteer, and a volunteer camp counselor for Camp Eyabsut, a camp for burn survivor kids of all ages. She grew up in eastern Washington State and now resides in Seattle, where she holds drawing and painting classes in her private studio and online.

Dr. Lise Deguire is a clinical psychologist, author, and burn survivor. After being severely burned as a four-year-old, she spent much of her childhood in the hospital, undergoing countless surgical procedures. Dr. Deguire is the author of her multiple award-winning books, Flashback Girl: Lessons on Resilience from a Burn Survivor. Dr. Deguire attended Tufts University, graduating summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa. She earned her doctorate in clinical psychology from Widener University and is in solo practice in New Jersey. Dr. Deguire has appeared on NPR, NBC, ABC, FOX, and Sirius XM. She is a national keynote speaker and has recently presented for the North American Burn Society, the World Burn Congress, The American Burn Association, and the New Jersey Psychological Association. She writes for Psychology Today and has been featured in Thrive Global, Tiny Buddha, and The Elephant Journal. Dr. Deguire blogs regularly about psychological resilience. Connect with her on, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin. 

Niki Averton is a writer, editor, and lifelong member of the burn community. She earned an MFA in Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts, where she learned about the craft and business of writing. Most recently, her writing has appeared in Voyage YA Journal. Prior to becoming a full-time writer and freelance editor, she was a program manager at Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors. Niki lives in Michigan with her wife and a small army of furry pals.

Joe & Carrie Kinan: Joe was burned in 2003 in the Station Night Club fire in RI. Pyrotechnics were set off inside a small bar without permits and unfortunately, 100 people lost their lives. Joe was burned 65% of his body and has had over 135 reconstructive surgeries as well as a hand transplant. Carrie was burned in 1980 at a YMCA daycare. At 15 months she was always wanting to taste what was in her parents' cups. The daycare provider had a thermos cup of coffee that Carrie tried to drink. She had one surgery and was sent home under her parents' care. Joe and Carrie met at Phoenix WBC in Vancouver BC and became friends right away, they didn’t start dating until 3 years later. Almost 15 years later they are now married and have an 8yr old daughter, Hadley. Joe and Carrie spent almost 5 years working with RI movie director David Bellino on a documentary called "The Guest List". It is about the months leading up to the fire and the years after, for the families who lost loved ones, the people who survived the fire, and a few members of the band.