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VIDEO: Building a Mindset that Serves You

A photo cover of the video featuring Audra Bryant.

Take control of your journey of trauma recovery with burn survivor and life coach Audra Bryant. By becoming aware of our current thoughts and beliefs, we can practice self-compassion and work to change our perspective. When you build a mindset that serves you, set achievable goals, and celebrate every victory, you can set your journey on a course for true happiness—whatever that means to you!


This is a session recording from Phoenix: Engage 2022. 


Meet The Speaker

Audra Bryant is a performing artist, TV producer, empowerment coach, and motivational speaker who has worked for various networks and streaming platforms including: NBC, OWN, BET, and Netflix, and for shows such as America’s Got Talent and Steve Harvey’s Big Time. As a songwriter and comedian, Audra uses music and humor to navigate audiences through the depths of their physical and emotional scars. Her motto is: Who says you can’t smile and heal at the same time?