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Integra Lifesciences is proud to support the Phoenix Society at the Luminary Partner level.

Integra LifeSciences (Integra) was founded in 1989 based on a vision to expand access to promising technology that enables the body to regenerate damaged or diseased tissue. Grounded on this vision, the company revolutionized the field of regenerative medicine and has since grown to be a leading global provider of neurosurgical solutions, regenerative technologies, and surgical instrumentation.

Integra now has a broad portfolio of products and solutions used for the management of multiple disease states, including brain tumors, traumatic brain injury, hydrocephalus, hemorrhagic stroke, and other neurological conditions. Our regenerative tissue technologies include products that address soft tissue, peripheral nerve and tendon repairs and are used for the treatment of acute and chronic wounds, burns, as well as for plastic and reconstructive surgery.


Contact Integra LifeSciences | 609-275-0500 
This Organization is a Proud Phoenix Society Partner.

Phoenix Society for Burn Survivor's role in relation to this promotion is limited, and this listing was provided in exchange for a donation to the organization. Under no circumstances does Phoenix Society endorse or promote this company, the products, or this company’s other products or services, nor will any such endorsement or promotion be implied or construed based on our acceptance and acknowledgment of this company’s donation.