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A photo of Aaron Volpatti Speaking

Life is unpredictable, and hard times are inevitable. Have you ever felt defeated and helpless in these times? Has adversity robbed your ability to dream? 

In the face of adversity, the human mind has an incredible ability to adapt, overcome and emerge stronger than ever. Through real life examples, we will uncover the secrets of resilience and learn how to harness the power of the human mind through Cinematic Visualization. We will further discuss how this technique can build immense grit and belief in one's self- a prerequisite for achieving any type of goal, let alone a dream. 


This is a recording from Phoenix World Burn Congress 2023.

Meet Your Speaker


Aaron Volpatti is an Author, Cognitive Performance and Injury Coach, Speaker, retired NHL player, burn survivor, and a Brown University- B.Sc Human Biology graduate.

Setting a goal and visualizing his future kept Aaron Volpatti going when he burned 40% of his body when he was 19. Aaron's passion and love of hockey came to what he thought would be an abrupt halt in 2005, but his determination continued, ultimately leading him to a 5-year career playing professional hockey. His journeys and successes wouldn't have been possible without the extremely powerful visualization practice he developed.

Aaron has a truly inspiring story of overcoming a tremendous amount of adversity. His hockey career, post-secondary studies, and personal experiences led Aaron to develop his unique practice. Today, he is dedicated to teaching others how to find their true grit through visualization.

Born and raised in Revelstoke, British Columbia, he is a guitar aficionado and wannabe rockstar. He’s a professional dabbler—spending his free time fishing, hunting, camping, golfing, playing squash, or learning a new musical instrument or language. Aaron resides in the beautiful Oakinagan in British Columbia with his wife Michelle, and his son Finn.