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Learning Course: Getting Back Out There, Tools for Social Empowerment

Access this learning course to help discover ways to get back out into the world after a burn injury. 


As a newly injured burn survivor, the thought of "getting back out there" can be stressful and overwhelming. If you're now facing an altered appearance due to your burn injury, you might wonder how to return to the world you once knew. 

With the help of this course, you'll be able to identify skills to feel comfortable in social situations, learn about rehearsing your response to strangers, and feel better about how to manage conversations about your injury.

Inside this course, you will review the following topics:

  • Social Impact of a Burn Injury

  • Challenges + Coping Strategies

  • Social Skills - STEPS Tool

  • Rehearse Your Response

  • How to Handle Staring

  • The Art of Conversation

Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors, a leading nonprofit supporting survivors, is here to help. Access this course today to get started.

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