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Contact Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors


With the help of our community, Phoenix Society has identified some common threads and key issues survivors and caregivers face on their healing journey.

To better help serve you, we ask that survivors identify which of the following four phases they are currently in. Identifying the phase and providing the additional information below will help us provide tailored tools, resources, and support to meet you where you are.

  • Phase 1: Recovering from a burn injury in a hospital, clinic, or outpatient center.
  • Phase 2: Recently discharged from medical care and recovering at home.
  • Phase 3: Adapting and learning to live with a burn injury.
  • Phase 4: Connected to my resilience and living my life with a burn injury

Other Ways to Connect with Phoenix Society

Connect with Phoenix Society & the burn community on social media:

Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors provides support resources for the community that can aid in living successfully physically, mentally, and socially to recover from a burn injury. While Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors is unable to provide any direct financial support for recovery, we may be able to connect you with a set of resources that could potentially aid in providing you with the financial support you may need.


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