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Download Now: 2023 Phoenix SOAR Annual Report

Phoenix SOAR (Survivors Offering Assistance in Recovery) connects survivors and loved ones with others who have experienced similar trauma - whether through their own burn injury, or as the loved one of a burn survivor. 


Here is some of the information you can expect to receive in this report:

  • A letter from the Phoenix Society SOAR team
  • A feature story with Dr. Shelley Wiechman
  • Data from 2023 Phoenix SOAR visits
  • Strengths and opportunities for the program
  • and so much more!   

Please note: This is our first published Phoenix SOAR Annual Report. 


Support Our Work

The Phoenix SOAR Annual Report and all of our resources are provided thanks to the generous support from Phoenix supporters. If you enjoy this report and want to see it published again next year, please consider making a donation today. 



Download the Report