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Download Now: 2022 State of the Burn Survivor Report

Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors asked our community of burn survivors to answer a recent survey regarding their burn injury journey as of the year 2022. This report contains our complete findings.

We asked over 350 survivors to share intimate details about their burn injury journey. In this anonymous survey, sent to both our database and social media channels, survivors provided us with an opportunity to take a deep dive into their journey as it stands today—to allow us an opportunity to continue to advocate and support survivors on the physical, mental, and emotional level. 

Here is some of the information you can expect to receive in this report:

  • Symptoms burn survivors are currently experiencing
  • Issues survivors currently need support on
  • How survivors connect in their communities in 2022
  • Top concerns for burn-injured individuals
  • How well burn individuals assimilate with the term 'Survivor'
  • Advice to share with newly injured survivors
  • Survivors rate the levels of care and support they receive for their burn injury
  • How the community prefers to give back after a burn injury

Please note: While this is our first attempt at a report of this nature, we hope to continue this momentum for years to come and refine this report on an ongoing basis. For interest in supporting an upcoming report, email

Download the Report